Is it worth it to share ice cream with a toddler?

Last weekend I watched the four Grandkids while Mom and Dad went to a schwanky restaurant.  The older ones suggested ice cream after dinner and it seemed like a good idea. Penelope even brought a step-stool to the freezer in case Grandma wasn’t sure where to go. We enjoyed a lovely after dinner snack, PenelopeContinue reading “Is it worth it to share ice cream with a toddler?”

Jumping into the Deep End….

So…a girl from the 20th century takes a stab at the 21st…Here goes! Bits and pieces from recent pinterest boards- Organization: Found these wonderful little chalkboard labels at Walmart the other day. They are so pretty on the mason jars in my pantry (black beans, spices whatever) but they translate well to my sewing studio basketsContinue reading “Jumping into the Deep End….”

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