Goats are a disease….

GOATS ARE A DISEASE….. ….first you are exposed to a photo. Then you google them and you are in grave danger. But when you see your first youtube video you are seriously infected and there is no cure. Since we adopted our first pair of Nigerian dwarf kids this spring I keep waiting to wake upContinue reading “Goats are a disease….”

The Last Task of the Day…

I object to multitasking! There are many of you who can boast of doing two, three, or sixteen things at once, but I absolutely hate the idea. That’s why the last job of the day is so wonderful! Usually that job is laundry folding. A basket filled with clean, sweet-smelling clothes is always such a treat. The thingContinue reading “The Last Task of the Day…”

Creating a nature journal

The grandkiddoes inspired me to make a nature journal….to keep by the window near the bird feeders and record tidbits of the days as they go by and the seasons as they change. First step…check Pinterest! There are myriads of ideas out there- how to pare them down to something just right for us? Wonderful sampleContinue reading “Creating a nature journal”

Nursery update…

The news on the farm today is babies, babies, babies!!! Our Nigerian dwarf doeling and buckling are spending time with their goat mamas but we will be picking them up this weekend. We are so excited to meet them in person! Nothing like a good set of  family photos!   Next step…acquiring experience at bottle-feeding tiny goats….. Some of theContinue reading “Nursery update…”

Indian Runner ducks on the way…

Got a call today…the baby runner ducks are being shipped! Little earlier than expected so the scramble is on to finish preparations. Duckling starter feed, set up the warming area and heat lamp and spread out the clean bedding. Our first “official” farm stock so it’s pretty exciting!  When our kids were little, we read a LOTContinue reading “Indian Runner ducks on the way…”

Countdown to goat babies…

We are worse than children, anticipating our new chicks, ducklings and kids (goat babies)! Our friends and family are probably getting down-right sick of hearing about it and our neighbors may be wondering what these rookies are getting into. But here goes anyway.. Are these little guys cute or WHAT? The books I have readContinue reading “Countdown to goat babies…”

Art class!

My home-schooled grand-kiddos come out to our place about once a week or so for Art Class. I love watching them explore….we’re using a combination curriculum. A fusion of Cornerstone Curriculum’s “Adventures in Art” which is heavily based on the philosphy of Dr. Francis Schaeffer, one of my all-time favorite theologians (I actually had theContinue reading “Art class!”

Why its not so bad to grow older….

  Over half a century has slipped through my hands and I have discovered something amazing. I am happier today than I was as a young person. WAY happier. So, I get tired easier.  I can’t lift the large boxes that I used to haul around easily. It’s often a challenge to keep up withContinue reading “Why its not so bad to grow older….”

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