Raising goaties

Penelope and Oregano are in love…

We’ve been enjoying our little goat family for a few years now and since the herd has been growing it’s time to find some new homes. These guys are all our babies so we’d like to find homes where they will be loved and appreciated. Our herdsire, Mr. Gibbs comes from Old Mountain Farm stock and we are utterly in love with him. At this point, we’ve been keeping our buck and does together like their former owner did. Gibbs loves his kids and it is great to watch them interact as a complete herd.

We are blessed to have an excellent vet clinic locally with a wonderful goat vet. I used Molly’s Herbals for most deworming and any supplements necessary but I will used traditional medicine if it becomes necessary. Our herd is small. 15 right now. We purchased Buttercup and 2 wether companions from tested herds in 2015. Then we added Mr. Gibbs and his lady Isadora in the fall of 2016. All the rest are born and bred here.

Our vet was out a week ago and we sent in blood samples for routine testing. Should be getting the results soon, but don’t expect any problems. UPDATE! All tests were negative as expected. Tested for Johnnes, CAE and CL.

Isadora and Marigold 2017

I will try to put up pics of the rest of the gang when I get the chance. Life stays busy here! There are some videos available on my facebook page.

Available today are Dandelion and Bramble (wethers) , Milkweed (yearling buck), Cockleburr , Chickweed and Oregano (bucklings …will be wethered if not sold but they’d be awful good daddies) Rose (doeling) and possibly Marigold and Hollihox (first freshener does).

Buttercup’s fresh milk!

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