Belated baby announcement…

1cherie and bramble 4 days_n

Well, seems things always take longer to get done that I expect. Our first kidding experience on our little farm occurred over 2 months ago and I am only now recording it here….

Bouncing baby Bramble was born Jan 16th and he is a cutie….

We really should sell him, as we are sort of thinking of milking and “he” won’t be giving us much for milk…..but…..Larry won’t hear of it. He’s already way too attached….and the grandkids begged to keep the first baby on the farm. So here he stays. Hopefully, it will be easier after this first one to part with others…. We do have a very small farm!


Gotta love this face!!

My carefully prepared “kidding kit” didn’t get much use as Isadora had done almost all the work when I went to the barn that morning. Just a dip of his umbilical cord and a tiny bit of blow drying…..add a new sweater and we were good to go.


The baby monitor didn’t do its job because I missed the pretty much everything…..went to the barn in the morning and there he was…beautiful and bouncing around already. Isadora did a wonderful job. Her companion in the kidding pen, Thistle, didn’t do so well….he looked absolutely terrified….where did that little thing come from!!!! He couldn’t wait to get out and join the rest of the herd in the pasture. The miracle of birth was obviously not his thing…


We simply love our new little guy….he’s been growing SO FAST! Cute little horns are getting longer and he is a very happy little goatie.

Bedtime goat therapy is a wonderful thing….


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