New career in the plumbing business…


Our kitchen sink drain has been leaking…..there are so many outdoor things that need to be done before winter that I really didn’t want to bug Larry to work on this. So I just let it leak into the garbage cans and emptied the water with the garbage.


But I was a deer widow last week……..


A couple of hours on youtube and a trip to the Home Depot later…..

First remove old sink strainer and all loose pvc plumbing underneath the cabinet…


Clean up the old pipe pieces, cuz they seemed to be in pretty good shape….(slimy and dirty though!!!) Lots of soap and a nail brush later….

Run to Home Depot for new top hat and beveled washers…


Putty the new sink strainer basket….hey….not that bad!

Clean out the sink REAL good and set the new basket assembly into the hole. Thread the nuts and washers on underneath as per instructions on the box….

and partially tighten from underneath to squeeze out some of the putty and form a seal. Looking good so far.

Clean off extra putty with plastic putty knife and repeat.

Now the basket is nice and snug.

Dry fit the pvc under the sink to make sure everything fits. Then wrap pipe threads with plumbing tape and put it all back together, hand tighten the compression nuts until snug.


Fill sinks…..hold breath…..pull plugs and cheer!!!  It worked!


No more wet garbage cans!!! (Monroe  inspects the job and gives it a paws up)

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