Chicken feed… ain’t chicken feed.

Been awhile since I’ve had time to write. Life on the little farm has been HECTIC and busy with building housing for all the little creatures we’ve collected so far. I know, I know….you are supposed to build the pens and fences FIRST, and then buy the animals. What can I say, we did it all backwards. And you know what?? We are finding that chicken feed is NOT cheap. My goodness these beauties can eat!


The runner ducks have their home….it was supposed to be a chicken nursery, but their temporary use has made them love it….so how can we kick them out???


The chicken coop is my husband’s current project. Probably should have set up the wood shop completely before building homes for our “family.” Probably should have: set up the wood shop…..built the homes……THEN bought the “family!” Well, so what if the goats lived in the dining room for awhile and our upstairs bath served temporary duty as chick and duckling nursery. Made life interesting!


So, the goats think the hen nesting boxes are goat playgrounds and are causing frequent delays in the progress of the coop. Kinda cute, though. Buttercup really likes “helping” with construction.


My husband has been converted to staunch goat lover….admitting to me a couple of times that goats were not his first, second, or third choice of animal. Guess he was only being a good sport and humoring me. But he’s sold now! How can you not love their ridiculous personalities???

I love my babies….I love his too (the chickens and ducks). Even though the chickens have taken over his boat as their new roosting post. Ooops.


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