The Last Task of the Day…

I object to multitasking!

There are many of you who can boast of doing two, three, or sixteen things at once, but I absolutely hate the idea. That’s why the last job of the day is so wonderful!


Usually that job is laundry folding.

A basket filled with clean, sweet-smelling clothes is always such a treat. The thing is, I don’t feel rushed with this job. It’s the last thing on the schedule, so I can relax and enjoy it. I can lean back and live in the moment. Sheer joy!

chore list

In my 50+ years, I don’t remember EVER finishing my to-do list by the end of the day. There is always at least one (usually several)  chore
left over to tack on to tomorrow’s agenda. So  why do I wake up in the morning thinking I should clear that list by sundown?Wouldn’t you think I’d have wised up by now???!

Here’s a thought…..DON’T TRY TO DO IT ALL!


Funny how hard it is to forgive one’s own shortcomings. Why do we think we shouldn’t be human like everyone else? “Self….you may never be completely caught up on all of your work…there will always be JUST ONE more thing….” That’s OKAY!


Since moving to the country, life has filled up with a very different set of chores. Bringing fresh food and water to the chicks and ducklings, feeding the barn kitties, serving up bottles of warm milk to Buttercup and (our goat babies) and walking down the drive to pick up the mail. These aren’t easy to rush. It takes a bit of time to carry buckets of water. The goats will need attention. LOTS of it. But this kind of work makes me feel more grounded…it pulls at my heart to slow down and breathe for a bit. (Breathing’s good)

Today I will make a point to appreciate all of the things that I DO get done… even if it’s just one important thing…..and perhaps enjoy the job of life much, much more.

you're here

                     Here’s to Living in the Moment….

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