Creating a nature journal

The grandkiddoes inspired me to make a nature journal….to keep by the window near the bird feeders and record tidbits of the days as they go by and the seasons as they change.

First step…check Pinterest!

There are myriads of ideas out there- how to pare them down to something just right for us?


Wonderful sample journal pages from shown above. I really like these because there is so much freedom in loosely sketching and jotting little notes every which way on the page.


I used this website to get ideas for simplifying the drawing process for the kids. That particular day, there had been four white-tailed deer across the road. This is a super easy way to sketch the deer and catch the feeling of the moment!  Found the tutorial on


A fun blog with ideas for pretty watercolor techniques…some look like they’d be very adaptable for kids too. Love this little birdy! 

chickadee tutorial3
chickadee tutorial4
chickadee tutorial8

We have lots of ages to consider….Larry and I are in our 50s, grandkids are 10, 8, 4, and almost 2. Our kids and their friends are in their 20s and 30s. Lots of ages, lots of ability levels and styles. This next one looks like a lot fun for a free sketch stress but lots of potential for creativity. For sure gonna try it soon.

It needs to be pretty and inspiring so we want to use it. But it also needs to be stressfree so no one is afraid to put an entry in here or there. No pressure! A book that can hold both written descriptions and also pictures and sketches seemed ideal. (Some of us can’t write yet!)

nature notes of an edwardian lady

Bought a nice spiral bound sketch book at Walmart with paper heavy enough to have some structure to it. Then copied a pretty picture from a vintage book…

The Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady Hardcover – September, 1989

Here’s what we came up with and I love it!

Amelia’s first entry…Don’t you like the sketch of our cat, Conan, laying down in the rain? Also perfect woodpecker entry…

Materials required:

  • Inspiration from great Pinterest posts
  • Empty blank Sketchbook (Walmart)
  • Clear contact paper
  • Owl print Duct tape (Walmart)
  • Package colored pencils
  • Bird identification guides or other nature guides
  • Container for keeping it all in one place ( I found my awesome wood box at the local Goodwill store for $2)
  • Small pair of binoculars/opera glasses

I plan to print and laminate a small calender sheet so the little ones can look up their own dates for their entries.

Awesome project for all ages!!

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