Indian Runner ducks on the way…

Got a call today…the baby runner ducks are being shipped! Little earlier than expected so the scramble is on to finish preparations. Duckling starter feed, set up the warming area and heat lamp and spread out the clean bedding. Our first “official” farm stock so it’s pretty exciting! 

Baby duckies...
Baby duckies…

When our kids were little, we read a LOT of books together. A regular was The Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Weise written in 1933.

What we didn’t realize, was that the illustrated ducks in the book weren’t just funny looking illustrations, but an actual type of very long, tall and skinny duck that appears to be tipping forward when running.
pingping page

They are Indian Runner Ducks and they are awesome!

Shortly after we purchased our little farm, but before we had moved in, we spent a day at the Minnesota State Fair and strolled through the poultry buildings. My brother had given us orders to make sure to get these ducks. One look at the fair and I was sold.900x900px-LL-79531de4_IMG_1321

Looking forward to seeing these little guys waddling through the garden, hopefully eating lots and lots of garden bugs.

399px-100911_Laufenten_054_webThe garden seeds are already sprouting in our little indoor greenhouse. So spring must really be coming. Today I can believe it….absolutely beautiful weather here in southern Minnesota!


Keep your ducks in a row!

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