She’s here!!

So….being a total newbie at this farming thing, as I look on the website that lists the kidding schedule at the farm we have our babies reserved at, I see the initials LCJ attached to the doe we had as our second choice mama. I am assuming that is US! If that is so, our baby girl was born yesterday at Wren Hill Farm in Mabel, Minnesota. Hurrah!!!wrenfarmbanner

Our buckling
Our doeling

And….like any new parents, here are the pictures!

We are so excited to meet our new babies!! Plans are to bring home one doeling and one wethered buckling to keep her company. Our supplies are ordered and we are ramping up to bottle feed and snuggle these little guys.


I know….I’ve been told a dozen times….they will get in trouble. But I think that effervescent personality is a whole lot of the charm. I know our mini schnauzer makes up for her faults a zillion times over with her wonderful quirks and challenges. So I plunge on into the fray without fear…I know I will love them. (Please remind me of this sentiment when one of them chews up my garden or steals the laundry!)

In honor of our big event, I have collected some of the photos from Wren Hill Farm’s website and facebook pages to share with you. Check out their facebook page for lots more of these gorgeous photos…..the farm looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see it in person!

One of the things that draws me to these little creatures is the way they always seem to look right into the camera. Look at me!


Hope the grand-kiddos are ready to help with the bottle-feeding….it’s been awhile since I’ve taken care of a baby 24/7.

Our little farm is located in Blooming Grove Township, so thinking flower names might be appropriate? Maybe Lily?

To give you an idea of the size of these Nigerian dwarf goats…wren hill bottle baby

A few random pics from the Wren Hill Farm facebook page….they have a beautiful collection of photography that really highlights how pretty nature can be. Love Minnesota!

wren hill knit baby sweater

wren hill milkwren hill knitted hat
S ome of the hand made items at Wren Hill Farm…

wren hill lilieswren hill morning glorieswren hill appleswren hill applePlease NOTE: All photos in this post belong to Wren Hill Farm and can be found online at link below and their facebook page.

wren hill soap


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