Go eat a pasty…

IMG_8504 (2)IMG_7975Today would be a great day to eat a pasty…I am fortunate. There are a few of these handmade wonders in my freezer. But for the rest of you, you will need to travel to Dinkytown, Mpls, just north of the University of Minnesota East campus.


These beauties are created at Land’s End Pasty Co. My little brother, Jon, and middle child, Peter, started this little place from scratch. They opened the doors last June at the end of the Dinky Dale hallway surrounded by historic brick walls.

I love this old architecture!

IMG_8506Pasties are meat
pastries hail from the old Cornwall tin miner communities at the far edges of England. They were portable and stayed hot for tin miner lunch breaks. No knives or forks required.

IMG_8509 (2)Jon and Peter have a grIMG_8517eat selection of flavors. The favorites and traditionals stick around, but there are occasionally additions (like the turkey dinner pasty last Thanksgiving and the Egg, Bacon and Cheese breakfast pasty. Steak traditional, Steak and Stilton, Pork and Leek, Chicken Pepperjack Cheese, Chicken Wild Rice……yummm!!!!

Also on the menu are Brit style “chips” with a home-made cream sauce and a nice selection of coffees, teas and sodas. My favorites are the Fentiman’s “Botanically brewed beverages” in glass bottles….Rose Lemonade in particular.9310 softdrinks_bottom

Maybe the best part of Land’s End Pasty Co is the atmosphere… intimate and inviting with lots of historical detailing. The back sunroom features hanging metal lamps reminiscent of the mining era and you are surrounded by maps and artwork from traditional Cornwall. If you’re lucky, you’ll even enjoy a British comedy or two on the telly.


IMG_8495 (2)

IMG_8520 (2)


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