Art class!

My home-schooled grand-kiddos come out to our place about once a week or so for Art Class. I love watching them explore….we’re using a combination curriculum. A fusion of Cornerstone CurriculThomas_Cole_-_The_Ages_of_Life_-_Youth_-_WGA05140um’s “Adventures in Art” which is heavily based on the philosphy of Dr. Francis Schaeffer, one of my all-time favorite theologians (I actually had the privilege of riding an elevator in an Indianapolis hotel with him as a teenager!!! Wow!), drawing lessons by the amazing Mark Kistler, and some ideas gleaned from Pinterest posts.

The above piece of art is one of our recent studies….art appreciation using the works of Thomas Cole, a Hudson River artist from the 1800’s whose belief in a Creator God is easily seen in his work. He was famous for his richly colored and realistic landscapes. (I am learning as much as the kids!!!)

Before the school year started, we went shopping at Hobby Lobby for materials… motto is Get the Right Tools. An easel was purchased for each, along with real paints and real quality brushes.

Here is our project from last week….

Amelia’s masterpiece
Adeline’s masterpiece!

Special thanks to for the instructions and encouragement!

Techniques used…masking (taped out tree trunks in 2 sizes for perspective), watercolor wash for background, and the edge high tech old credit cards dipped in black acrylic-scraped towards center of trunks for the birch detail. Terrific project!

Can you tell which ones belong to the 7 year old, 10 year old and 56 year old artists?!IMG_9382 photos in art cover kistler sample

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