Why its not so bad to grow older….


Over half a century has slipped IMG_3369-001through my hands and I have discovered something amazing. I am happier today than I was as a young person. WAY happier.

So, I get tired easier.  I can’t lift the large boxes that I used to haul around easily. It’s often a challenge to keep up with the Grandkids….Guess there’s really not any keeping up with them! The hair that used to be a rich dark brown now has more and more streaks of gray….I mean silver. And the bathroom scale tells the terrible truth. “You weigh half again what you once did.”

But that’s mostly okay. It really is. Because the trade-off is so worth it.

First off, I am just not as afraid of making mistakes as I once was. My earlier years were such cautious ones. Surely, some catastrophes were avoided. But also many thrills and joys and victories. God holds my life in His hands. it’s okay to take some risks.  A few more years make this easier to see.


Second, I don’t feel compelled to measure myself against other people as much. I was made to be ME. Not anyone else.


Third, I am enjoying my family and all the ways that they are growing. You can’t gain the future without leaving a little behind. The absolutely adorable babies start to change. They lose those little baby cheeks and toddling gait. Yes, it’s a little sad. But the snugly bundle becomes your friend in ways that a baby never can.

IMG_6985 IMG_6987 IMG_6763 IMG_6769 IMG_6969

Well, there are probably tons more reasons, but lastly, I am more in love with my husband than I was when we started out. Falling in love is great. ButIMG_2371 GROWING in love is Priceless. What a privilege to share life with my best friend. (As I write this, the Husband and I are finding ourselves somewhat grumpy with each other…be careful what you say out loud!)


Lessons learned the hard way, misunderstandings worked through oh so slowly, painful acceptance of truths about ourselves, delightful discovery that we wouldn’t trade each other for anyone else!


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